Changed Lives

Changed Lives

Oppressed by Depression, Anger, & Fear

Many people today struggle with feelings of depression or anger, while others wrestle with fears. The Lord Jesus Christ can deliver any person from the paralyzing grasp of these oppressions!

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Jane Urraca

From Agnostic to Atheist
to Now Saved!

-Jane Urraca
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God Has Given Me
an Indescribable Peace!

-Alison Rhone
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I Never Realized
How Short Life Is

-Mike Heckman

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Where Sin Abounded,
Grace Did Much
More Abound!

-Garry Castner
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Changed Lives

Alcohol & Drug Addiction

For many different reasons people get involved with alcohol, drugs, or other substance abuse and then find themselves enslaved with no hope of escape. But Christ said, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free!”

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Changed Lives

Relationship Rescued

Some people face relationship problems that result in strife, separation, and even divorce. But God has the answers to all of life’s difficulties. Read these stories of men and women who found that Christ met their needs.

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It Took a Brain Aneurysm
to Show Me That God
Cares about Me

-Nilsa Rivera
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I Had to Get Out of the Driver's Seat and Give Control of My Life to God

-Joan Hudak
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From Rebellion to Rejoicing!

-Matt Spangenberg

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I Desperately Needed God's Salvation!

-Catherine Rogers
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Changed Lives

Raised in Religion

Many have been raised in religion, learning Bible truths and outwardly conforming to that religious training. Despite this upbringing, it is still crucial that each religious person come to know God personally.

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Changed Lives

Pressured by Performance

Our world is full of people who are pressured to live up to a certain standard. They often are successful by the world’s standards – but Jesus describes them as “lost” and without a relationship with Him.

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Why Is It Such Good News?

-Crystal Shearer
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Everything Looked Great...
At Least on the Outside

-Chris Gable
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Does Jesus Know You?

-Irina Dash

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I've Been Adopted:
Not Once, But Twice!

-Anthony Wilt
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Changed Lives

Searching for Answers

In all times, places, and walks of life, people are searching for answers to the basic questions of life. All of these questions can be answered through a relationship with God.

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Changed Lives

En Español

Los siguientes testimonios personales cuentan de vidas cambiadas por el Señor Jesucristo. La realidad del evangelio se demuestra en las vidas cambiadas de los mismos creyentes.

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¿Tiene Dios todas las respuestas?
¿Me creó Dios con un propósito específico?

-Sharon Lewis
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Estaba Furioso Con Dios

-Doug Hammett
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God Had to Bring Me to My Knees

-Geoff Gaus
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I Was Nothing But a Religious Hypocrite!

-George Hammett
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Changed Lives

Video Testimonies

People from all walks of life share their stories of how God changed their lives.

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