I Realized That I Cannot Do Salvation
-Leah Rhone

I Realized That I Cannot Do SalvationMy name is Leah Rhone, and this is my story.I was raised in a … Read More

I Was Sinking,
But God Rescued Me!

-Maria Zarrillo

I Was Sinking, But God Rescued Me!My name is Maria Zarrillo, and this is my story.I grew up attending Lehigh … Read More

What Is Your First Rule?-Ruth Cefola

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I Was Tired of Living an Empty Life
-Jeremiah Cefola

I Was Tired of Living an Empty LifeMy name is Jeremiah Cefola, and this is my story.My name is Jeremiah … Read More

It Has to Be from the Heart
-Megan Hammett

It Has to Be from the HeartMy name is Megan Hammett, and this is my story.I grew up in a … Read More

God Has Thoughts of Peace towards You
-Denise Rogers

Peace and acceptance is something our society always seems to be looking for and I was no exception. I grew up in a home where alcohol and fighting were common; consequently, it was a place where I did not want to be. By the time I was in my teens and early twenties, I found myself absorbed in living “life to the fullest” and searching for someone to love and accept me.

Now I Stand in His Righteousness!
-Michelle Castner

On October 4, 1996, the Lord did something special in my life to bring about a true change in me. This change is so radical that I will never be the same. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you how God brought this about in my life.

My Best Was Not Good Enough
-Sam Hammett

Can you tell me what three basic pieces of information are on almost every tombstone? The name of the person, their date of birth, and their date of death. No one knows the exact day or moment when death will take them, but I can make you a guarantee: you are going to be dead l

My “Little” Sins Were Keeping Me From God
-Alyssa Hall

My name is Alyssa Hall, and this is my story. I was what most would call a “good girl.” I was raised by godly parents who sought ways to teach me about God and what He could do in my life. They made an effort to have me in church every single service and to be involved in activities at church that would put me around other Christian young people.

Everything Looked Great…
At Least on the Outside

-Chris Gable

I grew up in a small town, the second child to two typical, middle class parents. My dad was a civil engineer, and my mom volunteered in various capacities along with being a stay-at-home mother. Both of my parents were very religious, and were consistent in taking their children to church and teaching them about God and the Bible. They even sacrificed financially so that all of their children could attend a private, Christian school.