My Best Was Not Good Enough
-Sam Hammett

My Best Was Not Good Enough

My name is Sam Hammett, and this is my story.

Can you tell me what three basic pieces of information are on almost every tombstone? The name of the person, their date of birth, and their date of death. No one knows the exact day or moment when death will take them, but I can make you a guarantee: you are going to be dead longer than you will be alive. This means that it is awfully important to be sure where we are headed when death does take us.

Growing up in a Christian home I was in almost every single worship service from before I was even born. Through the years I learned much about the Bible, memorized many passages of Scripture, and was very involved in serving in our church. As I grew and got older I began to think about what I had heard about death and eternity. This was something that scared me a lot. I was scared of death and I was very scared of what happens after death. I knew enough Bible verses and had heard enough lessons that I thought I knew what I needed to do, so I prayed the “Sinner’s Prayer.” But nothing changed.

This became a cycle that would repeat itself numerous times. I would think about eternity, become scared again, pray another insincere prayer, and nothing would change. I didn’t really want a relationship with God, I didn’t truly want Him to reign and rule in my life. I was only interested in what God could give to me, I was not willing to submit control to Him. I thought I made a better king for my life.
Instead of truly giving my life over to God, I would try and act more "Christian." This usually lasted for a week or so, until I tired of it went back to living my life like normal. I was a “good” little boy. I was always in church, and I was helping out in various areas of service. I even outwardly obeyed my parents for the most part, enough that I would get compliments on being well behaved. I had many of the outward forms of religion, but the most important part was missing.
"Instead of truly giving my life over to God, I would try and act more ‘Christian.'”
In October of 2003 we were having a week of special meetings at the church. The entire week I was thinking the same thing. I knew that even though I had prayed so many times and tried to act like a Christian, I was not one. I had no relationship with Jesus Christ. This week of meetings brought me, for the first time, to a true view of my sin. I realized I wasn’t a “good little boy” like some thought, but was instead a wicked sinner that had broken God’s law. I was guilty. Even though I appeared good from the outside, I was still a sinner.

To sin means to miss the mark. It is like shooting a bow and arrow and missing the target completely. With God’s target as the 10 commandments, I had missed the mark many, many times. I spent some time that weekend talking with my mom and going over verses. I finally realized that I would have to let go of my sin and my control and hold on in faith to Jesus Christ. My parents, my religion, my good works, my best efforts would not get me to heaven. It was that Saturday, October 18th, 2003, that I relinquished control of my life and put my trust in Jesus Christ and His payment for my wicked sin by His death on the cross. This time, it was different than all the other times. The peace of God and a relationship with Him was mine.
"Even though I appeared good from the outside, I was still a sinner.
I am by no means perfect now, but I can tell you that God has never stopped working on me since that day. A great desire to be in fellowship with God now resides within me. I have a peace and an assurance that Heaven is my home whenever death may call for me. Many people in this life are walking around with a void in their life. They try to fill that void with money, relationships, things, pleasure, entertainment, and even religion. The more they try to fill the void, the emptier they feel.
I was once like this, but I discovered that void is meant to be filled by a relationship with God. It is the only thing that will grant you true peace and happiness. Do you know the day of your death? Are you ready to step out into eternity? The Bible says in Hebrews 9:27, “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.” Are you ready to stand before God in judgment? I urge you to consider your sin and the sure judgment that it will bring. God freely offers to you salvation from that judgment, a relationship with Him, and a home in Heaven. The choice is up to you.