I Desperately Needed God’s Salvation!
-Catherine Rogers

I Desperately Needed God’s Salvation!My name is Catherine Rogers, and this is my story.I was raised in a religious home. … Read More

I Needed to Be Set Free!
-Abigail Rhone

I Needed to Be Set Free!My name is Abigail Rhone, and this is my story.My parents started attending Lehigh Valley … Read More

From Rebelling to Rejoicing!
-Matthew Spangenberg

From Rebelling to Rejoicing!My name is Matthew Spangenberg, and this is my story.I was born and raised in a Christian … Read More

What Is Your First Rule?
-Ruth Cefola

What Is Your First Rule?My name is Ruth Cefola, and this is my story.What is your First Rule? Let me … Read More

Lost in Belief
-Jackie Gable

I grew up in a typical home with loving parents, two brothers, and a dog. The only thing unique about my upbringing was that my dad was a pastor and well-known author of many Christian books. From a young age, I knew my father was respected and looked up to by many. He was a “man of God.”

I Did Not See Myself As God Saw Me
-Debbie Lytle

Before I was saved, I wasn’t much concerned about, or even interested in, spiritual things. “There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God.” Romans, chapter 3, verse 11. There was no thought, really, about having any special purpose in life.