My Good Works Could Not Get Me to Heaven!– Jackie Wolf

Share this Post But I knew that if I didn’t get out of bed on Sunday morning and go to church, I wouldn’t be allowed to go anywhere else the rest of the day. So I got up and went with my Mother. We sat every Sunday on the left side of the church. I knew they dimmed the lights … Read More

I Don’t Have to Fear Hell Anymore– Paula Williams

Share this Post Thinking that now everything was OK, I went on living my life, doing what I wanted to do. I later married and moved to Pennsylvania. There I started attending the Lehigh Valley Baptist Church. As I listened to the preaching and learned more about God’s Word, I realized two important things. Second, I learned that if you … Read More

I Was Just Playing Church– Amy Rupert

Share this Post To make a new beginning and get away from small-town gossip, my three-year old son and I moved 75 miles away to an apartment in Allentown. I started a new job, made new friends and tried to forget my past. Running away, however, was not the answer. I became someone I did not even like. A year … Read More

My Walk with God– Sylvia Membrino

Share this Post There were many things I remember that influenced my choices. As a small child, my mother took me to Sunday school at the Lutheran church where she was a member. We often visited a Methodist church. There I was introduced to junior church where interesting, fascinating Bible stories were told. I went to Bible school every summer. … Read More

I’ll Think about It Tomorrow– Doris Eisenhard

Share this Post Though I went to church as child, I drifted as an adult. My husband did not feel he needed church, so we rarely attended. When our children were growing up, I felt they ought to be in church. I took them to Sunday School until they were old enough to be confirmed, and then they chose not … Read More