I Was Just Playing Church– Amy Rupert

MatthewChanged Lives, Pressured by Performance


Share this Post To make a new beginning and get away from small-town gossip, my three-year old son and I moved 75 miles away to an apartment in Allentown. I started a new job, made new friends and tried to forget my past. Running away, however, was not the answer. I became someone I did not even like. A year … Read More

My Walk with God– Sylvia Membrino

AlaynaChanged Lives, Pressured by Performance


Share this Post There were many things I remember that influenced my choices. As a small child, my mother took me to Sunday school at the Lutheran church where she was a member. We often visited a Methodist church. There I was introduced to junior church where interesting, fascinating Bible stories were told. I went to Bible school every summer. … Read More

I Had Never Seen the Connection between Salvation and the Need to Be Born Again– Joe Hegedus

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Share this Post Two weeks later, I began to do a Bible study with a caring member of the church. I was trying to find answers to many questions which had haunted me. “What does ‘born again’ mean?” “Where do my ‘good works’ fit into what the Bible teaches about salvation?” “Where had my deceased relatives gone when they died?” … Read More