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Jesus Christ Paid My Debt
-Abigail Wilhite

Jesus Christ Paid My DebtMy name is Abigail Wilhite, and this is my story.My dad was a pastor of a … Read More

The Truth Resonated with My Soul!
-Anna Hammett

The Truth Resonated with My Soul!My name is Anna Hammett, and this is my story.I’ve grown up in a Baptist … Read More

I Needed to Trust Only in Christ
-Jennifer Hall

I Needed to Trust Only in Christ!My name is Jennifer Hall, and this is my story.Hey, it is so good … Read More

I Struggled with Depression
Before God Lifted Me Up

-Emily James

I Struggled with Depression before God Lifted Me Up!My name is Emily James, and this is my story.I grew up … Read More

My Only Hope Was Jesus!
-Natalie Henry

My Only Hope Was Jesus!My name is Natalie Henry, and this is my story.Since my parents were overseas missionaries, I … Read More