I Struggled with Depression
Before God Lifted Me Up

-Emily James

I Struggled with Depression before God Lifted Me Up!My name is Emily James, and this is my story.I grew up … Read More

My Life Was Transformed!
-Nikki Nelson

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Finally, I Got It Right!
-Adam Santos

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From Agnostic to Atheist to Now Saved!
-Jane Dotson

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God Has Given Mean Indescribable Peace!
-Alison Rhone

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Fearing Death Led Me to Salvation
-Madelyn Rivera

Fearing Death Led Me to SalvationMy name is Madelyn Rivera, and this is my story.I was raised as a Catholic … Read More

I Exchanged Depression for Dependence on God
-Nathan Bieber

As a child, I attended the Lutheran Church with my family. I was confirmed when I was 13 and stopped going to church shortly thereafter. As I grew older, exercise and weight lifting became the center of my life. In addition to this, I began to use drugs and alcohol.

There Has to Be More to Life Than This
-Michelle Zarrillo

My name is Michelle Zarrillo, and this is my story. All my life, I was told that Jesus died for the sins of the world, but I had tremendous guilt about my own sin. I lacked peace; I had anger and felt a great sense of emptiness. I thought that achievement would heal the pain.

I Don’t Have to Fear Hell Anymore
-Paula Williams

My name is Paula Williams, and this is my story. I grew up in Illinois. Our family attended the Lutheran Church for a few years, then stopped going to church altogether. When I was 12 years old, I was enrolled in LaSalle-Peru Christian School. This is where I heard about salvation. I knew that if I died without being saved, I would go to hell. I was so afraid of going to hell that one day I prayed and asked God to save me from hell.