¡Estaba Perdida por 42 Años!
-Donna Basciano

I grew up going to a Reformed Baptist church in New Jersey. Every summer, I went to a Christian camp, and had many Christian family members and friends. So I always heard the truth and thought I was OK with God.

¡Del Agnóstico, al Ateo, a Salvada!
-Jane Urraca

¡Del Agnóstico, al Ateo, a Salvada! Mi nombre es Jane Urraca, y esta es mi historia. No crecí en una casa cristiana fiel. Sin embargo algo que mi madre hizo fue que me estaba exponiendo a una edad tan temprana la verdad de la Biblia. Ella me contaba historias de la Biblia, historias de la creación, de mares divididos en … Read More

From Agnostic to Atheist to Now Saved!
-Jane Urraca

From Agnostic to Atheist to Now Saved! My name is Jane Urraca, and this is my story. I did not grow up in a Christian household, although my mother did expose me to Jesus at very young age. She shared the Bible truths of creation, the story of Moses and the power God gave him to split the seas in … Read More