I Thought the Guilt Could
Never Be Totally Erased

-Becky Simmons

For over twenty years, I lived in denial. I claimed to be a Christian for most of my life, but my desire to do good would never last long. I would be stirred to obey the Bible, but after a time the zeal would go away. I would be back to doing the things which brought me great shame and heartache. My name is Becky Simmons, and this is my story.

If You Have Tried All
the World Has to Offer,
Let Christ Change Your Life

-Pam Schlaner

My name is Pam Schlaner, and this is my story. My two sisters and I were raised by parents who wanted to give their children everything they did not have. The were both born in the depression years and grew up very poor. My dad succeeded in his goal, and we had a very good life, materially speaking. Along with that good life, though, was a selfishness and self-indulgence that almost destroyed my life.

God Cannot Lie
-John Petersen

The story of my life includes two marriages, alcohol abuse, a smoking habit, a term in prison, and dabbling in several religions. But, it wasn’t until the age of 66 that I finally found God and began a personal relationship with Him. My name is John Petersen, and this is my story.

The Truth Can Set You Free
-Jim Stuber

I lived a life of enslavement to sin which dragged me through the pains of divorce, jail, addiction, and defeat. Many would have looked at my life and thought there was no hope for someone like me, but God lovingly kept getting my attention and finally set me free. My name is Jim Stuber, and this is my story.