Jesus Christ was the Answer to
My Quest for Happiness and Security

My name is Mary Ann Forro
and this is my story

Jesus Christ was the Answer to My Quest for Happiness and Security
My name is Mary Ann Forro, and this is my story.

I was not raised in a Christian home, but I knew a little about Jesus Christ through a church where I attended Sunday School classes.

At age fifteen, I was pregnant and married. I had a son that year, and at age nineteen I had another baby, this time a daughter. My marriage was unstable at best and we were together off and on. I filed for a divorce, but continually searched for a relationship that would make me feel happy and secure.

I tried drugs, alcohol, sex, and relationships, trying to find fulfillment and to fill the void in my life. At the age of thirty-seven, after another failed relationship, I was very scared and very alone. I had no one to relate to and was very depressed aforrnd confused about my life.  I did not know where I was heading.

Even though my life was a mess, I was searching for the truth. I knew there had to be something better to life than what I had. There was a real emptiness in my life. I knew the lifestyle I was living was not right, and was condemned by God, but I did not know where to turn.

I moved in with my brother and his wife to try to get myself on my feet again. At the time I had a girlfriend who knew how I felt and more importantly knew that I needed the Lord in my life. She talked to me about the Lord and my need of salvation. She also gave me a present, a book entitled The Source of My Strength. “I did not know where I was heading.”This was a book on the life-changing power of Jesus Christ, and was full of Scriptures from the Word of God. As I read the book, I saw for the first time what God had to say about my life. I was a sinner! It was my sin that put Jesus Christ on the cross.

I also learned that even though God knew all about my sinful life, He still loved me. He had died for me, and paid for my sin. I knew that if I turned to Him I would have to give up my sinful lifestyle. But I was more than willing to do that. I was sick of the way I was. I had made a mess of my life, and knew that I needed Christ in my life. I realized that only Jesus Christ could change my life.

One night in December of 1994, I repented of my sin, and asked the Lord to forgive me of my sin and to take charge of my life. I knew I needed Christ in control of my life because everything I had tried to do myself had failed. I did not trust myself with my life anymore so I gave it all to Him. He was the only One who could make things right.

“I also learned that even though God knew all about my sinful life, He still loved me.”After that night my life began to change. I had a real peace in my heart. I got a job and an apartment, but there was still something missing. I felt I wanted to be with people who knew God like I did. I wanted to go to church but I wanted to go to the right one. I knew there were a lot of churches out there that were not right. I began to pray that God would put me in the right church so that I could grow stronger in Him.

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