God Has Thoughts of Peace towards You-Denise Rogers

Share this Post After graduating from high school, I got a job at an insurance company. There was a girl who also worked there who was “religious.” She was a very friendly and sincere person, and she was just… different. She told me of Jesus. I had never heard things like this before, even though I had grown up in … Read More

Counting My Blessings-Amy Hegedus

Share this Post After many weekly Bible Studies at my local Church, it seemed we were taught to believe in tradition of man, not what the Bible instructed as truth. I was so used to going along with what I was being taught because it is what we always did, I not even once considered why I were worshiping. I … Read More

Is There a God, and What Does He Want from Me?
– Adam Meadowcroft

My name is Adam Meadowcroft, and this is my story. I grew up in a “Christian” environment, but from a very early age, I had little-to-no desire to understand or comply with what I was being taught. By the time I became a teenager, I had grown skeptical of anything to do with church or God.

From Daily Dissection to Divine Direction
– Lino Zarrillo

There have been, on occasion in my life, and I am sure in yours, certain moments in time when a word or group of words cannot be uttered. Oh, we may attempt to muster the effort – maybe even use facial expressions as a type of “visual aid,” but try as we might, words fail us from time to time! In my life it happened twice. My name is Lino Zarrillo, and this is my story.

I Searched Religions, but Found Salvation in Repentance– David Manohar

Share this Post After I graduated from college in India, I came to the United States and went to Michigan to work on a post graduate degree in Engineering. After graduation, I started working in Naperville, IL, a suburb of Chicago. While living in Naperville, I started going to an Assembly of God church which some of my friends went … Read More