God Has Thoughts of Peace towards You-Denise Rogers

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Share this Post After graduating from high school, I got a job at an insurance company. There was a girl who also worked there who was “religious.” She was a very friendly and sincere person, and she was just… different. She told me of Jesus. I had never heard things like this before, even though I had grown up in … Read More

Counting My Blessings-Amy Hegedus

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Share this Post After many weekly Bible Studies at my local Church, it seemed we were taught to believe in tradition of man, not what the Bible instructed as truth. I was so used to going along with what I was being taught because it is what we always did, I not even once considered why I were worshiping. I … Read More

For Years I Sought a Change in my Life; It finally Took Place Right in my own Heart– Ronald Hammett

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Share this Post I developed a very bitter and hard heart, because of the cheating my ex-stepfather had done on my mother. Because of this, I threw up a wall of protection against being hurt. I had little control over my temper before; now I had almost no control. This affected my relationship with my family, whom I love dearly. … Read More