Noah Alden

A Wise Preacher of the Gospel

Noah was born in Middleborough, Mass. on May 30, 1725. He had a rich history on his father’s side. His ancestor was John Alden, who was one of the pilgrims of Plymouth.

Noah was raised in the Congregational church, as was his wife. After studying the Word of God he came to a firm conviction on the mode and subjects of baptism. In 1753 Noah led his family to leave the Congregationalists and join the Baptist church. Two years later God called him to preach and he was ordained at Stafford on June 5, 1755. He was installed as the pastor of that church for 10 years.

In 1766 he was called as the pastor of the church in Bellingham, Massachusetts where God greatly blessed his ministry and he served for the rest of his life. One of his most notable converts was John Leland, whom he baptized in 1774, two years before the war. We will say more of John in a future article. He also baptized Aaron Leland, who in 1786 moved to Chester, Vermont. Noah had received a letter from 15 people who desired a church in their town. He dispatched Aaron to their town to survey the situation. In subsequent years a church was gathered and a great work of God was done in that area because of the ministry of Noah Alden.

During his ministry he was also active as a delegate to the State Convention. He was heavily involved in drafting the Constitution which ultimately gave religious liberty to that state.

His wisdom was recognized by many. He was often called to judge in church matters where difficulties had arisen and was a sought-after preacher for helping in the examination and ordination of candidates for the ministry.

Noah went home to be with the Lord on May 5, 1797. His life was held in esteem as is seen in this remark by Dr. Fisher: “He was for many years one of our most distinguished and honored ministers, and his name deserves to be held in grateful remembrance.”

Written by Doug Hammett