David Benedict

A Great Baptist Historian & Preacher

David was born in Norwalk, Connecticut on October 10, 1779. He was converted to Christ at the age of 20. His relationship with Christ spurred an interest in learning and especially Baptist History. It has been true for many a convert that when they came to Christ they had little interest in intellectual pursuits. However, once they had tasted of the wisdom of God they desired to know more of His truth. David graduated from Brown University in 1806 and shortly thereafter was ordained to the ministry. He became the pastor of the Baptist Church in Pawtucket, Rhode Island and continued there for 25 years.

During his ministry he began to compile extensive material relating to the history of Baptists through the centuries. After he retired from his pastorate he spent the rest of his life writing and publishing the material he had compiled. He published “History of the Baptists,” in 1813;”Abridgement of Robinson’s History of Baptism,” in 1817; “Abridgement of History of the Baptists,” in 1820; “History of All Religions,” in 1824;”History of the Baptists continued,” in 1848; and “Fifty years Among the Baptists,” in 1860. He then wrote “History of the Donatists” which he completed at age 94 and was printed shortly after his death.

It is especially interesting that the 95 years of Benedict’s life has been so little spoken of, while he wrote so much about the lives of other Baptists. But is that not the mark of godliness? His was a life of humility and exalting the work of the Saviour in others’ lives.

Written by Doug Hammett