I Wasn’t Ready to Meet God-Selena Wilhite

KristenRaised in Religion

Meet God

Share this Post One of the verses that got my attention was in Genesis, chapter 6, verse 3,where the Bible says, “And the Spirit of the Lord shall not always strive with man.” These words echoed through my heart and mind continually. I had been given many opportunities to be saved, but I realized it may not last forever. I … Read More

My Best Was Not Good Enough– Sam Hammett

Benjamin HallChanged Lives, Raised in Religion

God could give

Share this Post Growing up in a Christian home I was in almost every single worship service from before I was even born. Through the years I learned much about the Bible, memorized many passages of Scripture, and was very involved in serving in our church. As I grew and got older I began to think about what I had … Read More