Four Words That Changed My Life– Jerry Wilhite

MatthewChanged Lives, Dissatisfied with Accomplishment


Share this Post I shouldn’t forget to mention the little Baptist church in that small town, where my parents took me with fervent regularity, and the impact that church made on me. Even my “religious” side was being cultivated and developed. Memorizing verses, attending Sunday School, weekly Bible School, Youth rallies, state-wide conclaves, and Bible camp all helped “teach” me … Read More

I Thought I Had it All– Mike Starr

MatthewChanged Lives, Dissatisfied with Accomplishment


Share this Post Shortly after Jillian was born, we decided that we needed to find a church. Not that we felt like going to church, but because we were being pressured by friends and family to get Jillian baptized. We started visiting churches and looking for one that was comfortable. We weren’t concerned about what was being preached. We just … Read More