I Was Religious, But Lost-Saritha Manohar

relationship with God

Share this Post My church activities and ministry with friends lulled fooled me into thinking I was right with God now. But, there was something desperately wrong. I was going to this church for several years and saw neither change nor fruit in my life. I could never read my Bible, learn from it, nor apply it to my life … Read More

Counting My Blessings-Amy Hegedus

Share this Post After many weekly Bible Studies at my local Church, it seemed we were taught to believe in tradition of man, not what the Bible instructed as truth. I was so used to going along with what I was being taught because it is what we always did, I not even once considered why I were worshiping. I … Read More

Now I Stand in His Righteousness!
-Michelle Castner

God’s righteousness

Share this Post During my freshmen year of college, I made a profession of faith and was re-baptized. I sincerely believed that I needed to be saved, but made the profession out of a fear of going to hell and not because I was ready to submit my entire WILL to the Lord and REPENT of my wicked condition before … Read More

I Looked OK on the Outside, But God Saw My Heart– Sarah Davies

Share this Post On the first night of the revival meeting, the evangelist preached a message about humility. That night, the Lord got ahold of my heart, and I prayed that He would give me the humility to deal with the issue of my salvation. I thought because I looked good on the outside, talked right, dressed right, and acted … Read More

The Doctor Said the “C” Word– Constance Nadaskay

Share this Post The trip went without incident until I boarded the bus to return to the school. I began to feel sick to my stomach. I broke out in a sweat and continued to feel worse. I went to the emergency room, and by the time I was seen, the pain had greatly subsided. I actually gave thought to … Read More