I Found Unconditional
Love and Acceptance

-Susie Treichler

I was born in Allentown, PA, the second of five children. One of my earliest memories is one of me holding my little sister’s hand in the nursery at church and staying with her there because I was too afraid to go to my class.

If You Have Tried All
the World Has to Offer,
Let Christ Change Your Life

-Pam Schlaner

My name is Pam Schlaner, and this is my story. My two sisters and I were raised by parents who wanted to give their children everything they did not have. The were both born in the depression years and grew up very poor. My dad succeeded in his goal, and we had a very good life, materially speaking. Along with that good life, though, was a selfishness and self-indulgence that almost destroyed my life.

What Happened When I Said That Prayer?
– Eric Wolf

My name is Eric Wolf, and this is my story. Growing up, my Dad and Mom regularly took my two brothers and me to Sunday school and church. I am thankful that my parents did, because a very important question was asked of me while attending the 6th grade Sunday school at church.