Is There a God, and What Does He Want from Me?
– Adam Meadowcroft

My name is Adam Meadowcroft, and this is my story. I grew up in a “Christian” environment, but from a very early age, I had little-to-no desire to understand or comply with what I was being taught. By the time I became a teenager, I had grown skeptical of anything to do with church or God.

I Was Lost for 42 Years– Donna Basciano

Share this Post After dating different men – searching for “mister right” – I then asked God to help me find a man that would love me and my son, and who was also seeking to become a Christian. Then I met Ray Basciano. We fell in love and got married. We both had a lot in common, especially when … Read More

I Was Mad at God…– Doug Hammett

Share this Post After my father’s death, we moved to Salina, Kansas, and I was enrolled in school. I met a friend, Tony, who began to invite me to visit his church. I refused to visit for several years until in my high school years when I finally gave in. I went partially to get him off my back and … Read More

I’ll Think about It Tomorrow– Doris Eisenhard

Share this Post Though I went to church as child, I drifted as an adult. My husband did not feel he needed church, so we rarely attended. When our children were growing up, I felt they ought to be in church. I took them to Sunday School until they were old enough to be confirmed, and then they chose not … Read More

I Gave Up on Religion, But Found the Saviour– Alice Bello

Share this Post In 1988, I was living in my sister’s house in Florida. It was here that I met a woman who was a born again Christian. She tried to tell me about her faith. I would not go to church, but I did start to read my Bible. I moved to Pennsylvania in 1995. One day my son … Read More