I Was an Abortion Clinic Nurse. Would God Let Me Into Heaven?
– Cindy Pierfy

Benjamin HallChanged Lives, Dissatisfied with Accomplishment

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Share this Post I had bought into the lie that my reason for being here was simply to live life to the fullest…self-gratification. I believed that there were no boundaries or rules… if it felt good, do it. This led to dabbling in many different areas including drugs, alcohol, hypnotism, immorality and the like. But even so, this was not … Read More

My Pilgrimage from Ritual to Relationship– Gerry Seltzer

MatthewChanged Lives, Pressured by Performance, Testimony with Videos


Share this Post Throughout my childhood and into my teen years, I tried to be a “good Catholic.” Even when I married my wife, who is an Episcopalian, we had a “con-celebrated” ceremony with priests from both churches participating. For the next several years, I went through all the right motions and almost never considered becoming inactive or dropping out. … Read More

I Was Mad at God…– Doug Hammett

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Share this Post After my father’s death, we moved to Salina, Kansas, and I was enrolled in school. I met a friend, Tony, who began to invite me to visit his church. I refused to visit for several years until in my high school years when I finally gave in. I went partially to get him off my back and … Read More

I Confessed to God That Everything in my Life Was Wrong– Gina Hall

AlaynaChanged Lives, Pressured by Performance, Raised in Religion

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Share this Post Upon graduating from college, I was concerned about what I was going to do with my life. I moved around, living in Baltimore, Maryland, and in Pottsville, Hazleton, and Allentown, all in Pennsylvania. During this time of my life, I started praying and reading over those highlighted verses. In November, 1983, I was working for a finance … Read More