I Thought I Could Forgo God’s Plan
and Work My Way to Heaven

-Holly Anger

Share this Post I was raised in a fundamental, independent Baptist faith, taught the Bible from a young age, memorized Bible verses and was taught to pray. I knew all the facts of the Baptist heritage, knew some of the Word of God, told people that God created the world, and even became angry with those who questioned my religion. … Read More

God Said It,
That Settles It…
I Finally Believed It!

-Katie Follett

Share this Post Religious and Knowledgeable about the Bible – But Lost Religious and Knowledgeable about the Bible – But Lost I grew up in a Christian home and heard about Jesus all my life, I knew about Heaven, I knew about Hell, I knew about the Bible, and I knew about how God was the Creator of everything! I … Read More

It Has to Be from the Heart
-Megan Hammett

Share this Post I grew up in a Christian home where going to church was very important. If there was church, we were going! So, I grew up hearing the salvation message over and over again. I grew up in a Christian home where going to church was very important. If there was church, we were going! So, I grew … Read More

It Was My Choice

As a young child I attended church regularly. I even attended a Christian school. As I was taught through the Bible, I knew the truth about what God had said. Even so, as I grew up I had no true relationship with the Lord. There was no time in my life that I made it personal to me.

The Goodness of God
Led Me to Repentance

-Amanda Anger

I grew up in a Baptist home and attended the same Baptist church from infancy. I was surrounded by God’s blessings, learned all the Bible stories, and acted like a good kid for the most part. Behind the scenes, I was a really good liar, stole small items from the school’s art closet, and was verbally unkind to my siblings. But at church, I put on my good manners, and I thought that nobody could tell that I was a sinner.

Was I Really that Bad?
-Titus Hall

As I think back to September 8, 2004, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for what happened to me on that day. It was the day that the God of heaven forgave me of my sin, and changed my life. Though some people who knew me may have considered me to be a good person, I knew in my heart that I was a sinner, and an enemy of God.

I Wasn’t Ready to Meet God
-Selena Wilhite

All my life, I was brought up in church. I heard preaching from God’s Word every Sunday and Wednesday. My parents loved me very much, and faithfully taught me from the Bible. I learned that Salvation means to turn my back on sin and trust completely in Jesus Christ. I learned that Hell would be my eternal destiny if I did not choose to give my life to God. All these things and more were taught to me, and I soaked it all in during my growing-up years.

I Was Religious, But Lost
-Saritha Manohar

My name is Saritha Manohar, and this is my story. I was born and raised in a church going family in India and we attended church every week. There I heard interesting Bible stories at Sunday school and VBS. As a teenager I attended different churches and used to participate in youth camps, retreats and VBS. I was taught that, in order to go to Heaven, one must “be saved,” so at the age of 15, I even got baptized to please my parents. But sadly, I did not understand Bible salvation.

I Needed to Make a Choice
-Geoff Gaus

I am a big fan of the White Sox Baseball team, Deep Dish Pizza, the Willis Tower, and would be absolutely thrilled to give you a personal tour of my favorite city, you guessed it – Chicago. With all the amazing restaurants and spectacle things to see and do, I’d have a hard time narrowing down the best options! It’s a tough choice! But no, that’s not the “choice” I really want to talk about today. This choice, was a real life-changer…