I Was Religious, But Lost-Saritha Manohar

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Share this Post My church activities and ministry with friends lulled fooled me into thinking I was right with God now. But, there was something desperately wrong. I was going to this church for several years and saw neither change nor fruit in my life. I could never read my Bible, learn from it, nor apply it to my life … Read More

For Years I Sought a Change in my Life; It finally Took Place Right in my own Heart– Ronald Hammett

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Share this Post I developed a very bitter and hard heart, because of the cheating my ex-stepfather had done on my mother. Because of this, I threw up a wall of protection against being hurt. I had little control over my temper before; now I had almost no control. This affected my relationship with my family, whom I love dearly. … Read More

I Was Mad at God…– Doug Hammett

AlaynaBitterness/Anger, Changed Lives


Share this Post After my father’s death, we moved to Salina, Kansas, and I was enrolled in school. I met a friend, Tony, who began to invite me to visit his church. I refused to visit for several years until in my high school years when I finally gave in. I went partially to get him off my back and … Read More