It Was My Choice

As a young child I attended church regularly. I even attended a Christian school. As I was taught through the Bible, I knew the truth about what God had said. Even so, as I grew up I had no true relationship with the Lord. There was no time in my life that I made it personal to me.

The Goodness of God Led Me to Repentance-Amanda Anger

Share this Post One afternoon, I found a Bible belonging to one of the church ladies, and on the inside was a handwritten list of prayer requests. I was surprised to find my own name written for salvation. That was the first time I personalized the Gospel. It wasn’t just a generic falling of the human race. It was me, … Read More

Was I Really that Bad?-Titus Hall

eternal destiny

Share this Post While learning these facts as a young person was an incredible blessing, I did not apply it to my life right away. It took time for me to personally humble myself and admit that my heart was sinful. Even as a young person I could put on a good façade to fool those around me into thinking … Read More

I Wasn’t Ready to Meet God-Selena Wilhite

Meet God

Share this Post One of the verses that got my attention was in Genesis, chapter 6, verse 3,where the Bible says, “And the Spirit of the Lord shall not always strive with man.” These words echoed through my heart and mind continually. I had been given many opportunities to be saved, but I realized it may not last forever. I … Read More

I Was Religious, But Lost-Saritha Manohar

relationship with God

Share this Post My church activities and ministry with friends lulled fooled me into thinking I was right with God now. But, there was something desperately wrong. I was going to this church for several years and saw neither change nor fruit in my life. I could never read my Bible, learn from it, nor apply it to my life … Read More

I Needed to Make a Choice-Geoff Gaus

Share this Post I heard preaching from my Pastor that awakened me at a young age to the truth of God’s Word. I learned that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven. “…I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the father, but by me.” John 14:6 Scripture verses like those below, were used … Read More

My Best Was Not Good Enough– Sam Hammett

God could give

Share this Post Growing up in a Christian home I was in almost every single worship service from before I was even born. Through the years I learned much about the Bible, memorized many passages of Scripture, and was very involved in serving in our church. As I grew and got older I began to think about what I had … Read More

I Had To Make A Decisive Choice For Myself– Jon Hegedus

Share this Post We had many activities to get us involved in the church growing up. One of my favorites was winter camp. We got to miss a few days of school, hang out with friends, and play games. There were always sermons preached throughout our time away, and I used to sit through them waiting for the next fun … Read More