Everything Looked Great…At Least on the Outside– Chris Gable

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Share this Post From the outside, I seemed like the perfect Christian kid. I went to church, prayed, and even read my Bible on a regular basis. I even prayed the sinner’s prayer and asked Jesus to “come into my heart,” though I really didn’t understand what that meant; I just did it because I knew that’s what a good … Read More

I Was “Steeped” in My Own “Good Works Religion”… Until God Put a Burden on My Heart– Debbie Wilhite

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Share this Post I was born the oldest of three girls. My parents recognized the necessity of going to church. We often attended a country church within a mile of home. Later, when the church doors closed, we traveled 10 miles to an Evangelical Covenant Church. Memories of weekly Pioneer Girls Club there, religious instruction and confirmation classes fill my … Read More

My Pilgrimage from Ritual to Relationship– Gerry Seltzer

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Share this Post Throughout my childhood and into my teen years, I tried to be a “good Catholic.” Even when I married my wife, who is an Episcopalian, we had a “con-celebrated” ceremony with priests from both churches participating. For the next several years, I went through all the right motions and almost never considered becoming inactive or dropping out. … Read More

I Was Just Playing Church– Amy Rupert

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Share this Post To make a new beginning and get away from small-town gossip, my three-year old son and I moved 75 miles away to an apartment in Allentown. I started a new job, made new friends and tried to forget my past. Running away, however, was not the answer. I became someone I did not even like. A year … Read More

I Didn’t Know Where I Stood with God– Ed Reiss

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Share this Post She was happy because, in her mind, I was saved and was now a Christian. (Note: “salvation,” “saved” and “born again” are Biblical terms referring to the forgiveness of sins by God and the rescue of a person from the power and penalty of that sin. This is God’s requirement for everlasting life.) However, the booklet had … Read More