I Was on the Road to Destruction, When God Pulled Me Over-Gene Baker

God Pulled Me Over

Share this Post Throughout my growing up years and early adult years I had no family members or friends who were Christians and could give me any spiritual direction, motivation, or encouragement. I just lived my life for many years doing whatever I wanted – which was mainly sin and debauchery. Though I was alone spiritually, I had many worldly … Read More

I Was Lost for 42 Years– Donna Basciano

Share this Post After dating different men – searching for “mister right” – I then asked God to help me find a man that would love me and my son, and who was also seeking to become a Christian. Then I met Ray Basciano. We fell in love and got married. We both had a lot in common, especially when … Read More

I Exchanged Depression
for Dependence on God

-Nathan Bieber

As a child, I attended the Lutheran Church with my family. I was confirmed when I was 13 and stopped going to church shortly thereafter. As I grew older, exercise and weight lifting became the center of my life. In addition to this, I began to use drugs and alcohol.

Armed and Dangerous– Mitch Zajak

Share this Post At the early age of 13, I was introduced to drugs and was quickly addicted. I couldn’t “just say no.” I began to use every street drug available and often was spending between $200 to $500 a day on my habit. Eight times I overdosed on drugs, once going 28 days without sleep because of the level … Read More