Lo Que Satanás me Decía Que Hiciera,
Eso Hacía

-Sam Blair

Era un hombre lleno de pecados hasta el momento que le pedí al Señor Jesucristo que me perdonará y entrara en mi corazón a la edad de 72 años. Mi vida ha cambiado para siempre. Fui salvo por la sangre de Jesucristo, y sé sin lugar a duda que mis pecados han sido perdonados, y por Su gracia, pasaré toda una eternidad con Él.

Estaba Furioso Con Dios
-Doug Hammett

Era el mayor de cinco hijos. Mi padre era un jugador de pelota semi-profesional. Cuando niño iba muchas veces con mi padre a los juegos de pelota y me sentaba con él cuando se sentaba con todo el equipo. Crecí amando el juego de pelota. Mi familia era Católica Romana en cuanto a nuestra religión. Era muy activo como monaguillo y en nuestro grupo de jovenes, hasta que mi mundo se derrumbó.

Hasta el Hijo del Predicador
Necesita Ser Regenerado

-Roland Hammett

Yo nací en la familia Hammett el 18 de agosto del 1976 en el pequeño pueblo de Craig, Colorado. ¡Mi papá pastoreaba una iglesia bautista allí, y desde el principio, yo fui fiel en asistir a la iglesia! Mis padres siempre estaban en la iglesia, y por supuesto, yo iba con ellos. Por consecuente, yo era un niño bien comportado porque mi papá y mi mamá se aseguraron que yo me portara bien.

Emmaus Has Changed, and so Have We!
-Barry & Linda Woodring

Six months before Pearl Harbor was bombed, I was born to the Woodring family in the Pennsylvania borough of Catasauqua. I lived there on Race Street until I graduated from high school and headed into the military around the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1959. After I was discharged in 1963, I worked a job for several years before taking over my father-in-law’s grocery store and meat market in Emmaus in 1973.

My Search for the Truth
-Kim Wilkinson

When I was about 15 or so, I began to wonder and inquire about what the Bible really had to say. As a child I had attended Sunday school at the Hereford Mennonite Church. And, as a young teen, I went through their catechism classes. But I didn’t feel like I was learning what the Bible really had to say, so I began my search for the “truth.”

God Set Me Free from
Loneliness and Addiction

-Doug Wilkinson

My name is Doug Wilkinson, and this is my story. I was born and raised in the Lehigh Valley, and for the first 18 years attended one of the larger, liberal Protestant churches in Allentown. I was baptized as a baby, confirmed as a young adult, and attended Sunday School and church most Sundays. In my late teens, the “God-is-dead” theology was beginning to be propagated.

God Had To Break My Hard Heart
-Dale Stengele

If you had known me a few years ago, when I was a wild, drunk, popular entertainer in various bars, and then knew me now, you would insist you had met two different men. That is the difference that Christ can make in one’s life. My story demonstrates the great mercy and love of God to reach into the depths of hell to save a wretch as undeserving as I. Christ had to break my hard heart with the gospel. My name is Dale Stengele, and this is my story.

I Thought the Guilt Could
Never Be Totally Erased

-Becky Simmons

For over twenty years, I lived in denial. I claimed to be a Christian for most of my life, but my desire to do good would never last long. I would be stirred to obey the Bible, but after a time the zeal would go away. I would be back to doing the things which brought me great shame and heartache. My name is Becky Simmons, and this is my story.